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Our RSO Products

A brief description of our RSO products bellow. You can access each of the by clicking on the product in question. Nevertheless, you can browse straight to the shop page and place an order by clicking on the ” ORDER NOW ” button belloe.

RSO Oil 10 grams

Buy 10 grams RSO Oil online and benefit from our medical expertise in treating patients with most of the illnesses rso helps with. We can propose a dose you will purchase on a regular base…

Buy RSO Capsule

Buy RSO capsule online and benefit from our medical expertise. RSO capsule is a new consumable form of the RSO which is rare and in greater demand . We can propose a dose you will…

Buy Feco Oil

FECO, stands for full extract cannabis oils. These are concentrated essential oils from cannabis plants. it is extracted from the actual cannabis flowers/buds. Feco oil can be taken directly into the mouth or smoked.